The service you expect, the quality you deserve.

We offer a high level of all types of marine services (Refit, Repair, Maintenance works etc.). By investing in expert knowledge, latest technologies and new strategies, together with experienced managers and highly trained personnel we can guarantee success.

We are committed to High Quality Service:


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  • 01.  Dedicated carpentry workshop
  • 02. Painting facilities
  • 03. Fiber - glass repairs and one-off part production, including manufacturing of components in advanced composite materials using vacuum-bag technology
  • 04. Wood workshop and teak deck installation
  • 05. Interior transformation and refurbishing
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  • 06. Overhauling of main engines
  • 07. Engine replacement and propulsion systems installation
  • 08. Supply and installation of bow thrusters, stabilizers and steering systems
  • 09. Engineering and structural works
  • 10. Electrical and electronics supply, installation and repairing of generators, refrigerating and air-conditioning systems

At our premises you can find an extensive
range of equipment and products which will
ensure both best service and a pleasant stay.