Modern equipment, in good hands. Would you ask for something more?

The shipyard, situated within a 20,000 square meter dry-docking area, owns 1,000 square meters covered sheds (Yacht house) and 700 square meters of workshops.

Our facilities are among the finest in the industry with the most modern equipment and technology available. Known throughout the world for high quality workmanship, the skilled craftsmen take great pride in their commitment to excellence and their ability to deliver vessels on-time.

Our premises' facilities include:

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  • 01. Mobile boat hauler 500T(Projects over than 500T can be easily managed. Such projects are often assumed and successfully accomplished )
  • 02. 24x2 adjustable slings
  • 03. Mobile boat trolley 200T
  • 04. 38 lifting points
  • 05. 24h full dry dock services
  • 06. 60 power supplies 380V 220V 42V
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  • 07. Fresh water
  • 08. Air supply
  • 09. 24h Security service
  • 10. Yacht house
  • 11. Private sea dock fully supported
  • 12. Full range of heavy duty tools: Cherry Picker, 2.5 and 3 ton forklifts, 2xpieces high pressure 650 bar water jet, moveable scaffoldings and many more tools at your service.

The vast dimensions of the hauling dock, serviced by a 500 ton boat hauler, allows the shipyard to lift and service a wide range of vessels: sailing yachts complete with masts in upright position as well as Mega Yachts up to 70 meters long.