Save the future.

ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. is committed through its policy to operate respecting the environment, promoting environmental awareness and in absolute compliance with the existing legislation and EU’s directives.

Green services portfolio

Furthermore it has an active role in the development of sustainable and cost-efficient yachts, constantly in search of ways for optimization of ECO Services, via ATLAS Green program which is based on the four hereunder pillars:

  • 01

    Corporate social responsibility scan
  • 02

    Fuel consumption reduction
  • 03

    Emission reduction
  • 04



  • In ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. we recognize the importance of environment’s sustainability and protection.

    That is the reason for which we want to ensure the safe recycling of yachts. We recycle yachts according to international norms, in order to avoid environmental problems and safety issues.

    Recycling begins with design.

    Optimal recycling begins in the stage of designing, by a detailed selection of materials. This procedure, the conscious selection of materials, is continuing until production is concluded. ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. engages to identify any hazardous materials and facilitates recycling. Yachts have to be dismantled and materials must be separated in order to be recycled. Non-recyclable materials will be processed safely and in the most ECO friendly manner. ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. constantly seeks for alternative materials in order to increase the amount of materials than can be recycled. We support the only true ECO friendly solution. The use of “Green Ships Recycling” in approved facilities. Our premises are in position to manage up to 99% of the materials and process hazardous waste.

  • Environmental Management Program

    The implementing environmental management program includes: Absolute compliance with the existing legislation as well as the relevant EU’s directives. Prepare Environmental Impact Report from shipyard’s operation and take all required precautions and measures. Separation of liquid and solid waste, collecting them in different tanks for liquids and containers respectively for solids. Contract agreements for the transportation and recycling (where applicable) of waste by certified and licensed companies for managing and recycling. Appropriate equipment for marine pollution. Constant training and briefing of yard’s personnel. Use of ECO friendly materials, where applicable. Constant monitoring and recording of all the relevant parameters that are associated with assurance and compliance with legislation.