Innovating methods based on traditional culture.


Take advantage of our proven expertise on a wide range of shipbuilding, ship repair, and fabrication projects. ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. has a rich portfolio with impressive projects that illustrates the wide-ranging skills, depth of resources and full-service capabilities we can put to work for you.


ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. extends the lifetime of vessels. Customers can recycle, repair or convert their vessels and we are proactive in the development of sustainable and cost-efficient vessels and services. With our experience, we are able to provide professional advice, taking your wishes and budget into account. Over the past years ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. has rehabilitated, converted and repaired many vessels.


ATLAS SHIPYARDS S.A. is experienced in managing projects of repairing and converting vessels. We offer:

Full knowledge of the asset
Own research department
Engineering capacity
Supply of all material
Local execution of the project to keep costs low and share knowledge
Qualified engineers as project supervisors
Mobile Boat Hauler
We own an ultra-modern, 500 tn Mobile Boat Hauler for the hauling of yachts – vessels that have maximum length 80m – and the transport of the vessels inside the shipyard. The equipment is constructed by Cimolai Technology Spa and approved by Registro Italiano Navale (R.I.NA).